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About Us

Our leadership team is focused on providing the highest level of care and communication to our patient, physician specialists and their staff.

We greatly value our patients and their families’ confidence in entrusting us with their safety, comfort, and convenience while we provide optimal clinical care.

The physicians enjoy a partnership that provides an efficient extension to their offices for cost-effective alternatives, and time-saving features to augment today’s medical practice.

A foundation for our team – we respectfully pledge our commitment to provide training, education and the advancement of the work environment though dedicated corporate support.

Our Leadership Team

Administrator/CEO: Weston Bulter
Medical Director: Dr. Scott Schultz
Director of Nursing: January Snow
Business Office Coordinator: Monica Cleland


We aspire to create a model surgical facility characterized by:
Satisfied patients at ease in comforting surroundings … conveniently close to home in a state-of-the-art facility … Efficiently cared for by compassionate local professionals … recovering quickly with enhanced medical outcomes.


To deliver accommodating, compassionate, streamlined, and safe surgical care of the highest quality, guided by local ownership and control, for the greater convenience, improved medical outcomes and increased satisfaction of our patients.


We value the following principles as the foundation on which our business is based and as the standards by which its conduct will be guided:

Courtesy, Efficiency, Compassion, Comfort, Quality